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We've been transforming ideas into operational prototypes for over 35 years in the R&D sector - producing many solutions never seen before.

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Whether its creating the first land based vehicle to cross the frozen wastes of the Bering Strait or recreating a plane crash on one of the worlds largest glaciers, we firmly believe that we offer a service that few companies can.

In our large, well-equipped and purpose-built workshop, we can provide a unique range of services from the fabrication of a small bracket to a steel space frame.

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HMS Engineering have designed & built many bespoke prototypes ranging from Hoverboards to 45 foot articulated trailers. Turning customers ideas and needs into reliable working solutions is an every day occurrence at HMS and our staff have no problem transforming bare concepts into fully operational designs.

Film & TV

HMS have been the engineers behind many of televisions popular programmes such as The Grand Tour, Top Gear, Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections, Tricked, Driving Wild and were the engineering team behind Channel 4’s Scrapheap Challenge.

Extreme Ideas

A key, unique feature of HMS Engineering is our ability to take the most extreme ideas and make them work in the most extreme locations and environments anywhere in the world.

Global Reach

Our company has expanded greatly and now has products all around the world. Welding to coded standards in MIG, TIG and MMA we offer a unique style of fabrication where the impossible becomes possible without jeopardising safety, strength and performance.

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Your creative challenges have sent us al over the world. Click the project markers for more details.

Global Reach, on Your Doorstep

Your creative challenges have sent us all over the world. Click the project markers for more details.

Exploring Workshop Processes in Hereford, England
Creating Fantastical Inventions in Gloucester, England
Bespoke Shoring System Design and Manufacture, in Gatwick, England
Manufacturing Boiler for Muddy Tub of Love, Eastnor Castle, England

Manufacture boiler for use heating the exit pool from Mud Runner named the “Muddy tub of love “

Driving to Eastnor Castle for another project of JLR with D3 Active, England

Back with our good friends D3 Active on another exciting project for a leading UK car manufacturer, successfully driving across the lake at Eastnor Castle in preparation for team building event. 

Building a Tractor Puller with Elvis in Dorset, England

Building a tractor puller with Elvis (Mark Priestly) for the TV show Driving Wild  

Testing Strength: Taking on DeWalt's 18V Drill Challenge in Croydon, England

Back working with our friends DeWalt on a 18 volt drill challenge “Are you strong enough to outpull the DeWalt winch

Turning a 747 into an Off-Road Playground at D3 JLR, in Cirencester, England

Asked to turn a 747 into an off-road playground.

Crafting a Gigantic Sea Monster Arm, in Chepstow, England

Obviously, we loved making giant sea monster arm!  Used to capsize a vessel. 

Custom Enclosure for Energy Recovery Unit at British Steel, Cheltenham, England

Manufacture bespoke enclosure for use at British Steel for energy recovery unit.  

Creating Supersets Centerpiece for Major Film in Bedford, England

Manufacture center piece for Supersets for use in a major film  

Crafting Custom Vehicle Dynamics Equipment in Cranfield University, England

Fabricate very bespoke equipment used by vehicle dynamics to establish data on behalf of many leading global brands. 

Securing Temporary Aircraft Hangar for Support Air in Bristol, England

Working in Bristol airport to secure temporary aircraft hanger to the ground on behalf of our friends Support Air, a global facility provider.  

Creating Timed Sequential Explosions with Aardvark Special Effects in Bristol, England

Working with our friends at Aardvark Special effects doing some timed sequential explosions  

Creating a Take Off Ramp for Bentwaters, Ipswich

Design and manufacture a take off ramp to sustain 4 x 4 pick up and only held together by Irwin clamps, an amazing success! 

Creating Pagoda Driving Feature in Shenzhen, China

Design and project manage Pagoda driving feature with interchangeable roads to suit demonstration requirements. 

Filming with The Grand Tour, Hungary

On tour with the Grand Tour. 

Filming The Grand Tour in Inari, Finland

This time it’s fun in the snow providing elements for Grand Tours Scandi Flix.

UK Vehicle Manufacturers' Ultra-dek Deployment in Linz, Austria

Deploy Ultra-dek to allow UK based vehicle manufacturers to display product.  

Engineering Drift Technology in South Africa

Just popped somewhere sunny for a bit of drifting.  

Racing on Rivers in Thailand

Flat out on a tea tray.

Submerged Road System with D3 Active in Liverpool

Another exciting job from D3 Active to design and install a system for a submerged road in Royal Albert Dock Liverpool.

Water-Powered TV Magic in Cambridge, England

Some great fun had making and using this large water powered platform.  

Film Sets for Survival Program in Panama City

Building film sets for an engineering-based survival program. 

Reaching Great Heights in Athens, Greece

Installing a system to allow vehicles to traverse a railway bridge. 

Faro, Portugal with D3 Events

Building features with D3 Events for leading UK car manufacturers.

Maximizing Impact at Sydney Invictus Games

Design and manufacture various features to allow clients to maximize products in Invictus games. 

Mexican Film Set Transformation

Part of a film set before an amazing transformation in Mexico Tijuana.

Manufacturing Super Structure in the Forest of Dean, England

Manufacturing a super structure designed by an original artist. 

Innovating for Invictus Games, Toronto

Manufacture of driving elements for use in Invictus Games.

Reproducing a Plane Crash for a Film Set in Iceland

Setting up a film set. 

Kazakhstan Expo Centerpiece Creation

Working with Aardvark special effects and Cirque-Bijou to create a 17mtr tall centerpiece for the world science expo. 

Filming for Discovery Channel with Mark Priestly, Sweden

Driving Wild with Mark Priestly.

Shanghai Manufacturing Facility Recce

Technical recce to establish a suitable manufacturing facility in Shanghai. 

Vintage Car Modification in Havana, Cuba

Modify vintage cars to take part in legal ( Ish ) street races.  

Aircraft Damage Mitigation in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Working in conjunction with Support Air to oversee damage limitation to aircraft caused by damaged steelwork.  

Modifying airplane hangar for SupportAir

Just adjusting the door!

Adapting for Challenge in Greenland

Not planning on getting stuck! 

Egg Shape-Futuro House in London, England

Design and fabricate a stillage system for the safe deployment and transportation of an incredibly awkward-shaped item.  

Nature-Resilient Viewing Pods in Kenya

Manufacture a translucent viewing pod to withstand the dangers of nature. 

Sunlit Tyre Testing, Toulouse

Tyre testing in the sun. 

DeWalt's 18V Drill-Powered Go-Kart Challenge in Birmingham

Corporate advert for DeWalt making a 18 volt drill powered go-kart to compete against a leading comparable brand. A yellow winner! 

Vehicle Demo Structure in Beijing, China

Designed and manufactured a tumbling structure for demonstrating a UK-based vehicle manufacturer product in Beijing. 

Skiing on Wheels in Schönwald, Germany

Not every day you see a car on a ski slope! 

SupportAir Shoring Innovation in Taiwan

Shoring system manufactures for Support Air.

Modular System Design and Manufacturing with D3 Active in Ascot

Design and manufacture modular system to create any shape, any place, anywhere in conjunction with D3 Active for a leading UK vehicle manufacturer.

SupportAir Solutions, Charleston USA

A spot of problem-solving with Support Air.


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